13: Ricardo Porro's Institute of Art

Continuing to dig back through some sound recordings. This is an amazing building that is being restored on the outskirts of Havana. In the 1960's it was not applauded by the Castro government which viewed the orgasmic curves and laborious brick construction as unbecoming of a young, industrial communist state.



12: Cuba Revisited

In Berkeley for 12 more days. Why not do a little armchair traveling myself? I went back through my recorded sounds of Cuba and put a little something together. Take a cocotaxi ride into the depths of Havana, exploring the soundscape of the ocean meeting the city edge.


11: Forbidden Narita

Following my interest in how to represent exclusive, forbidden spaces, I got this idea as I was going through the usual routine of the airport security check. I took my recorder and mics out of my pocket and was about to stuff them in my bag when it occurred that I could actually do a little military exploration here. I switched on record and in it went, a satellite probe into one of the most forbidden, fortified spaces of the 21st century. The carry-on x ray machine.



10: Okinawa Creepy Yaedake

I finished day 8 on top of Okinawa's second tallest mountain, or rather a hill at about 450m above sea level. My goal was a US communication station which has been partially returned to the Okinawa Prefecture. There are several satellites still in function, including the one which I describe in the podcast. After the sun sets I head down alone, darkness chasing my tail. The surrounding jungle comes alive. Listen:


9: Okinawa Bad Karaoke, Loudness, andFrogs

After nearly 20 miles of walking today, a moderate day, I have just enough energy to share three samples of sound from this strange island.

First, a quintessential Okinawa experience: the enduring of Air Force vocal chords. Listen (if you dare):

Next, another common sound, the jet swooping in to land at Futenma Air Station. I am standing about 300 feet below the jets when they come in. Get ready to be rocked. Listen:

Finally, a bit more of a peaceful scene. I explore a beach near a military base. Listen:


8: A terrible noise

The thunderous jet noise described last time:

There is a lot more sound, but I'm off to Okinawa.